Fresh seafood adds to our organic dining experience

Often when people hear the term organic dining, they think of vegetables or fruit. While those are an important part, they’re not the only part. Our seafood selection is not just organic, but much of it is locally caught by Captain Dilly and his fleet based right here in Southwest Florida.

Locally Sourced

By using Captain Dilly’s service, Food & Thought 2 is able to offer seafood selections on our menu so fresh that they may have been swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a matter of hours earlier.

Captain Dilly has a unique relationship with a handful of carefully selected local chefs. His small fleet of boats focuses on getting the chefs what they need and getting it back to them as quickly as possible. By being a smaller operation, Dilly is able to be more responsive to the needs of his chefs. One could almost describe Captain Dilly as a seafood concierge.


Local favorites like yellowtail snapper, red grouper or African Pompano are typical catches. Fish could be harvested via rod and reel or spearfishing. Captain Dilly’s team also dives for or traps lobster and they run a boat dedicated to harvesting stone crab. When it comes to shrimp, Dilly has carefully screened shrimp operations that he partners with locally. This ensures that your organic dining experience is the best we can provide.

Hand selected

Nothing is frozen or stored for extended periods of time. Our chefs will often go right to the boat and hand select the fish, crabs or lobster that will be in the center of your plate. The only way for you to get fresher seafood is to catch it yourself.

Our menu of organic dining delights is available to you seven days a week. Come by and try one of our amazing seafood dishes or one of our other dishes. We have everything from grass-fed beef to vegan selections. After dinner (and maybe dessert) you can relax and enjoy live music in our full bar.Visit our website for directions, hours or a look at our menu.